Friday 2nd December 2022How R&B is influencing contemporary African artists
By Zainab Kuku - @indigo.distortion 🌍

In recent years, many African artists have opted to create music which is a departure from the traditional Afrobeats and afro-pop sound most music fans are used to hearing, with numerous soft and soulful releases emerging to widen the local soundscape. Artists such as Aylø, Bryann, Tay Iwar, Gyakie, Tim Lyre, Shekhinah, La Soülchyld and MAUIMØON, have borrowed sonic and topical elements from R&B without necessarily making R&B the main focus of their music practice.

Contemporary African artists consistently experiment with R&B. To demonstrate the impact and influence of R&B on African artists, the following songs come to mind - ‘Butter’ by Aylø featuring Merry-Lynn and SUTRA, ‘Peaking’ by Tay Iwar, ‘Taboo’ by Tim Lyre, ‘FOR MY BABY,’ by Gyakie, ‘Rose Gold’ by Shekhinah and ‘Here they come’ by La Soülchyld and MAUIMØON.

Through the discographies of these artists, it is clear that many African musicians are currently exploring and challenging R&B’s compatibility with other genres, such as electronica, afrobeats and highlife.


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Taking the world to africa and africa to the world