HOMECOMING is a movement; igniting new cultural conversation and creative development across Africa. Our vision is to empower the continent’s young generation with the knowledge and resources they need to inspire and enable future innovation and growth. HOMECOMING Festival is the spark that ignites this movement; a 4-day cultural exchange that brings African creatives and creativity back to Africa, and gives them what they need to take their vision to the world.

“I see the opportunity to galvanise the incredible creativity of this young generation and share it with the world,” says HOMECOMING founder GRACE LADOJA. “HOMECOMING exists to ignite a celebration of cultural heritage and creative exchange, through the lens of music, fashion, sport, art and education.”

From explosive live performances by the world’s most exciting African and International stars, to a Streetwear Pop-Up where local and global designers release world-exclusive product collaborations, HOMECOMING presents the best of contemporary culture through the lens of Africa’s trend-setting creative generation.


Experience Africa’s most groundbreaking international musical exchange. HOMECOMING invites the world’s hottest international artists to perform back-to-back onstage with Africa’s brightest stars.


From luxury fashion to streetwear exclusives, HOMECOMING brings our groundbreaking retail concept to Lagos presenting coveted designers and brands from Africa and around the world in one immersive setting.



HOMECOMING celebrates sport and the culture surrounding it - From the devoted basketball or football communities; to the skate scenes infiltrating every urban environment across Africa. We're here to celebrate the people making things happen.


HOMECOMING’S annual art programme promotes Lagos’ most inspiring and original art spaces. From craft institutions to contemporary galleries and studios, discover the people and places behind a new culture for the arts in Africa.

Taking the world to africa and africa to the world