Monday 28th March 2022What You Need to Know About Nigeria’s Skate SceneBy Pei Koroye - @xxw00shyw0rldxx

Following recent developments in both Accra and Lagos’ skating infrastructure, we wanted to take a closer look at the scene in Nigeria! 🇳🇬

For Pt. 1 of our skateboarding focus, we spoke to young writer and skater Pei Koroye, who gives her perspective on Nigeria’s skate scene past and present.

“It cannot be understated just how important it is for counterculture to exist in countries like Nigeria which has a history of being socially conservative and more than a little bit suspicious of young people going against societal norms. In terms of its infrastructure, the country isn't really built for skating. It’s amazing that the culture has grown the way it has despite this - like flowers sprouting up through concrete.”


Taking the world to africa and africa to the world         

Taking the world to africa and africa to the world