Monday 28th March 2022
Drills journey to Africa
By Nicolas-Tyrell Scott - @iamntyrell

It is almost impossible to ignore the effects of Drill music globally and especially now across Africa. Here, culture writer Nicolas-Tyrell Scott can intro you to the scene…

From Lil Durk to Headie One, drill and its many variants across the Atlantic and on the continent, have canvassed raw, uninterrupted socio-economic realities for the world to see, while, in tandem, allowed the orators to ascend to commercial glory.

In its multi-dimensional flair, what can’t be forgotten is the framing of the genre, and early demonisations of the sound across the ‘10s — from conglomerates, to popular national media hubs. Ultimately, beneath the surface, drill has educated, mourned, entertained, illuminated and united a diaspora of people (from producers, to writers, to artists), in the context of a complexly interdependent globe in 2021.

From my early experiences of the sound, listening to Durk, as well as Chief Keef, Bobby Shmurda, OFB, Skengdo & AM, Drillminister and more, the rapid expansion of the sound, allowed for a new generation of artists to grow in real time and for political failures on communal levels to be exposed for the masses to see.

As the drill ecosystem continues to expand, read the piece above for a brief insight into the birth and subsequent growth of drill — from Chicago to the African continent.


Taking the world to africa and africa to the world         

Taking the world to africa and africa to the world